OREANDA-NEWS. The world's largest canvas painting, The Journey of Humanity, by British artist Sasha Jafri, sold at auction in Dubai for $ 62 million. Local newspaper Khaleej Times reported.

It is noted that the artist worked on the canvas of the area of two football fields at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai for seven months. Initially, it was assumed that the painting will be divided into 70 parts and sold at six auctions in different countries for about $ 30 million.

The creator of the picture promised to send the proceeds to charitable projects of UNESCO, UNICEF and others involved in helping children.

Sasha Jafri said they hope to save the lives of 200 million children and give them a chance to change the world. They want every child to have the opportunity to get an education via the Internet. Their goal is to make the Internet accessible to those in the poorest countries.

Until the moment of sale, the painting was exhibited at the hotel for a month. The owner of the biggest picture is André Abdun, the head of a cryptocurrency firm.

The new owner of the painting admitted that the painting was very powerful when he saw it, so he decided that it would be a mistake for him to split this impressive piece into pieces.

Abdun also noted that the coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected children around the world. He added that if he has the opportunity to contribute his little piece to helping children in need by buying a painting, he will be happy.