OREANDA-NEWS.The Walt Disney Company continues to strengthen the already dominant position in the American film market. According to The Hollywood Reporter, by mid-summer, the company's share in the market has already reached 40%, and may increase in the future. 

This was due to the incredible success of the Marvel comic book adaptation, as well as the work of Disney subsidiaries. The upcoming release of such major projects as "The Lion King", "Frozen" and "Star Wars 9" promise only strengthen the position of the film studio. 

At the same time, the general trends in the American and world hire are still far from positive. By the end of the first half of the year, the total box office in North America was almost 10% less than last year, and 7.3% less viewers came to the cinema halls. 

World rental also shows a drop of about 5%. Perhaps this is due to the fatigue of the industry and the audience after the record year of 2018, when film distribution in North America collected 11.8 billion dollars.