OREANDA-NEWS. It's planned to open a new entertainment zone in the Evropeisky shopping center, God Nisanov, chairman of the board of directors of the Kievskaya Square group, which owns the shopping center, told Russian media. “We agreed with the Japanese company Round One. She is currently developing the concept of an entertainment area. It is planned that the concept will be ready in February, ”Nisanov said. 

The press service of "Kiev Square" explained that Round One Corporation will open the entertainment complex on its own. This is the first Round One project in Russia, recalls Marina Malahohko, CBRE Retail Director.

Round One Corporation operates hundreds of sports and entertainment centers in Japan and more than 30 centers in the United States. The complexes combine bowling, billiards, karaoke, darts, table tennis, slot machines, as well as Spo-Cha sports - from the English sport challange ("sports competition"). Spo-Cha includes football, archery, basketball, badminton and other competitions. Capitalization Round One Corp. at the Tokyo Stock Exchange at the close of trading on Friday amounted to ¥ 103 billion (about $ 942.5 million).