OREANDA-NEWS. This year kicked off with shocking news to fans: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting divorced after eight years of marriage. Many, of course, have long suspected that the rapper's split life and bipolar disorder would not lead to anything good, but they believed and hoped - and Kim herself, too.

However, it happened, the beautiful couple is getting divorced and is already drawing up the documents. Celebrities agreed - the property will be divided fairly, and the children will be raised by both. In this regard, Kim is adequate: she always said that despite all the problems she had in her relationship with Kanye, he is a wonderful father and family man.

Soon, rumors about Kanye West's romance began to appear on the Web - but not with anyone, but with the Russian beauty Irina Shayk.

Many were waiting for the reaction of Kardashian and waited - a source close to the celebrity said that she wishes her ex-spouse happiness.

Interestingly, this is all different: against the background of speculation about the rapper's relationship with the model, he met with Kim. Celebrities spent time together and in the company of their four children. The family went to the Asian Museum in San Francisco for a new digital exhibition.

“They were happy to be there and everyone seemed to get along just fine. They were there for the children, as the museum is a very friendly environment and this particular exhibition awakens a sense of childhood in all of us. By all accounts, they were kind, grateful and had a great time! " - said the source.

According to insiders, celebrities were very restrained: they concentrated on the exposure and children.