OREANDA-NEWS. The statue of Harry Potter was installed near the Taras Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University (PSU) in Tiraspol. The opening ceremony took place on the Day of Knowledge, September 1. This was reported by the Telegram channel «Pridnestvorets».

The monument depicts a wizard from the artistic world of J. K. Rowling, an owl is sitting on his shoulder. PSU is the oldest and largest educational institution in Moldova, it was founded in 1930. Among the graduates are famous Moldovan statesmen, writers and scientists.

Harry James Potter is the main character of a series of novels by the English writer J. K. Rowling. According to the plot, at the age of 11, he learns that he is a wizard and will study at the Hogwarts School of Magic. Harry also discovers that he is already known throughout the magical community of the novel, and that his fate is connected with the fate of Voldemort, a dangerous dark magician who killed his parents, among others. The character has gained great popularity all over the world.