OREANDA-NEWS Chinese cinema will be able to fill the deficit that has arisen in the Russian film market after the departure of Western film companies, its quality has grown, and the Russian audience is very interested in it, said Roskino's acting CEO Ekaterina Naumova in Beijing.

"Of course it can. Because the quality of Chinese cinema has grown very much over the past few years. Sometimes it's hard to even think if this is a completely self-produced film by China. The production technologies are so high, the actors' acting and the filming themselves are so good," Naumova said, answering a question from journalists whether Chinese cinema will be able to fill the deficit in Russia.

According to her, now many countries are starting to exhibit their content on Russian online platforms and cinemas. "The viewer goes with pleasure," Naumova noted.

"During the days of foreign cinema, we conduct surveys of our viewers, ask which films from which countries we would like to see, and a big request for modern cinema in Africa, China, India. There is a request for Scandinavian countries," she also said.