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24.01.2022, 10:00

At the end of the year, the virus may return, but a pandemic is not necessary.

21.01.2022, 10:48
At the same time, the doctor was skeptical about taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
20.01.2022, 11:57
Cloth masks are ineffective against the Omicron strain of coronovirus.
19.01.2022, 15:05
This is reported in the weekly report of the World Health Organization, the data for which was provided by the international database of virus genomes GISAID.
19.01.2022, 13:07
The organizers are going to use the «100:80:100» model, which implies 100% payment for 80% of working time in exchange for maintaining at least 100% of labor productivity.
19.01.2022, 11:34

This type of infection can significantly prolong the next wave of coronavirus.

19.01.2022, 10:17

The scientist's conclusions are based on the results of a research by Danish scientists, in which more than 30 thousand children took part.

17.01.2022, 17:22
A new mutation of "Omicron" - a strain of coronavirus was discovered in the Academic Laboratory in Sweden, in the city of Uppsala.
13.01.2022, 14:16
Certain foods, including fatty sea fish and nuts, can improve psychological well-being.
12.01.2022, 18:11
Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok said that one sneeze or cough is enough to infect 100 people with the omicron coronavirus strain at once.
12.01.2022, 17:24
The symptoms of the Omicron coronavirus strain are no different from other variants of the virus, but pneumonia is a rare case among patients.
11.01.2022, 14:11
In Russia, the lethality from the Omicron coronavirus strain will not exceed 0.5%, in countries with a higher vaccination rate - 0.1-0.2%. Such an assessment was given by the professor Anatoly Altstein.
11.01.2022, 10:17
World Health Organization (WHO) expert Maria van Kerkhove suggested that the alleged hybrid of the delta and omicron coronavirus strains could result from a laboratory error.
05.01.2022, 11:15
The Omicron coronavirus strain will be able to circulate forever during transmission from humans to animals, and then back to humans. This assumption was made by the Doctor of Medical Sciences Sergei Tokarev.
04.01.2022, 16:13
Associate Professor of the Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov Mikhail Rozanov said that in the future new strains of coronavirus will be massively detected.


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