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22.11.2021, 16:20

Mortality has been reduced, among other things, thanks to the use of drugs that dilute the blood and relieve inflammation.

22.11.2021, 15:23

The crew and members of the expedition from the detained Russian vessel Akademik Ioffe are heading to the port of Kaliningrad.

22.11.2021, 10:17
This is due to the destruction of pancreatic beta cells by the virus.
19.11.2021, 10:18
Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) Sergei Voznesensky spoke about the rules of revaccination.
18.11.2021, 15:43
An antibody titer of 500 Bau / ml is a large number, they can be so only in vaccinated people, since this figure is usually lower.
18.11.2021, 11:54
Wearing masks is the single most effective public health measure in the fight against coronavirus, reducing incidence by 53%.
17.11.2021, 15:58
Experts from the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, have developed a highly effective drug based on monoclonal antibodies that "neutralizes" the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
17.11.2021, 10:05
The chief physician of the Odintsovo hospital near Moscow, Andrei Fadeev, told the 360 TV channel what factors can affect resistance to COVID-19.
16.11.2021, 16:56

This is the second case in the history of mankind.

16.11.2021, 10:33
Roszdravnadzor has issued a permit to the American pharmaceutical company to conduct clinical trials in the Russian Federation.
12.11.2021, 17:09
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that new, more dangerous strains of the coronavirus may appear. He announced this at the APEC summit.
11.11.2021, 16:15
Revaccination six months after the first vaccination or illness allows you to develop a loading dose of antibodies against coronavirus, allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok told URA.RU.
11.11.2021, 14:25
World and European champion in rhythmic gymnastics Tatyana Druchinina, mother of 29-year-old Russian figure skater Artur Dmitriev, commented on her son's decision to pursue a professional career under the US flag.
10.11.2021, 15:24
Scientists are increasingly referring to COVID-19 as the disease of aging - this infection provoked the first epidemic in history, which is highly dependent on age.
10.11.2021, 13:35
Children under the age of one year and those who have non-infectious chronic diseases are most susceptible to postcoid syndrome.


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