OREANDA-NEWS  Participants of the research listened to Mozart's Sonata for two pianos and Haydn's 94th symphony. Brain activity was recorded using electrodes implanted into it. It turned out that Mozart reduced the number of epileptiform discharges by 32%, while Haydn increased it by 45%. What is the secret of the healing power of music, the neurologist Sergei Dlin told the MIR 24 TV channel.

- Are you surprised by these results? 
Sergei Dlin : The study of Mozart's music began in 1993, and then it was already proven that it has such properties. The rhythms that are present in Mozart's music coincide with the rhythms in the brain: a certain resonance is created, which is not in other compositions.

- Can the results of the experiment of Czech scientists be considered a scientific sensation? Sergey Dlin : I think yes, because the result that we have with patients is impressive. For example, drug therapy is often not enough, and Mozart's music helps to reduce the number of epileptic seizures even in difficult cases.

- How does the Mozart effect work? Sergey Dlin : The greatest number of aggressive impulses that cause epilepsy pass through the temporal zone. Exposure to music through the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex greatly reduces aggressive epileptic activity.

- As you said, Mozart's music enhances the production of dopamine. Maybe this is the case? Sergey Dlin : Just the studies that were carried out on the music of Mozart showed that the hormone of pleasure does not affect the result. It's not about dopamine production.

- Maybe it's not about music, but about its perception in epilepsy? Sergey Dlin : What is the uniqueness of Mozart's compositions? He has rhythms every 20 to 30 seconds. This is how the rhythm works in the brain. The point is how the rhythm changes inside, how actively they enter into resonance with the brain.

- Can Mozart's music become a universal pill for the treatment of epilepsy? Sergey Dlin: I think not. It's about complex therapy. Epilepsy is a rather complex, severe disease, music therapy has not yet been fully studied, although the effect and result are visible. It cannot be called a universal pill, but in complex therapy, its use will be effective.

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