OREANDA-NEWS. You can speed up your metabolism with proper nutrition and physical activity. Green tea, drinking plenty of water, strict diets and «special» foods will not help speed up metabolism in any way, says nutritionist Natalia Kruglova. This is what the «Word and Deed» writes about.

«You should not engage in biohacking. We are going back to sports and healthy, regular and rational nutrition», Kruglova stressed. She explained that drinking a lot of drinking water a day and green tea does not affect the rate of metabolic processes in the body: studies have shown that those who drink a lot of water consume only 20 kcal less per day. Kruglova added that spicy foods, including ginger, can only slightly increase the body's heat output, but not speed up metabolism.

«It is not necessary to eat a lot of ginger in the hope of losing weight. It is unlikely that this can be used practically and regularly», the nutritionist advised. She added that the metabolism is largely influenced by the development of muscle tissue, stressing that those who want to speed up the metabolism in the body need to start exercising regularly. Kruglova also advised to get enough sleep, arguing that lack of sleep contributes to weight gain due to the increased need for snacks.