OREANDA-NEWS. Parishioners of the United Methodist Church in Oklahoma kicked an American woman Ashley Antiverso out of the temple after she brought cilantro to make soup. According to News18, visitors to the church decided that it was marijuana.

Antiverso herself stated that she wanted to cook for everyone an exotic Filipino soup «menudo», for which cilantro is used, but the parishioners did not believe her and kicked her out, thinking that the greens were actually narcotic.

«They didn't even let me explain anything. They just accused me», the woman said. The police called confirmed that the plant was a seasoning, not a narcotic. Later, the church authorities allowed Antiverso to continue attending services.

Earlier, at home of a 35-year-old resident of Russian Taganrog police found more than 10 kg of marijuana. This is reported by the GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Rostov region. Law enforcement officers detained a man on suspicion of attempting to sell prohibited substances. He explained to the police that he used drugs only for personal consumption. Currently, operatives are finding out where the detainee got such a large batch of marijuana.