OREANDA-NEWS. December 05, 2016. Three new wells have been put into operation in Amangeldy gas condensate field, Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan. 

Amangeldy Gas LLC, subsidiary of KazTransGas JSC, on the eve of 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan have put into operation wells No.129 and 131 in Amangeldy field and a well No.8 in Zharkum field. Now, general operating well stock of the national operator on Amangeldy field equals to 40 wells, that allows supporting an average daily output at the level of over 1 mln. Cubic meters of gas.

Another important event was opening of new, updated laboratory for chemical analysis of gas condensates conforming to international standards. That project has been implemented within the strategic plan “100 steps in gas and gas supply sector of KazTransGas JSC”.  

In addition, Amangeldy Gas LLC has completed construction of an intra-field gas pipeline “Airakty-Zharkum”, 24 km long, designed to deliver gas from Airakty field to the gas treatment plant (GTP) on Amangeldy field. Next year Airakty is planned to be put into pilot production next year.    

At the solemn event devoted to objects’ commissioning, Kanat Kurmanaliyev, General Director of Amangeldy Gas LLC, noted that by applying modern technologies KazTransGas increases natural gas output and condensate recovery on Amangeldy fields, thereby allowing the region to refuse imported gas. This is a major contribution to the energy security provision.      

Former gas workers were invited to the solemn event. Alexandr Fyodorovich, Director of Zhambyl Branch of Republican Veteran Council of Gas Industry NGO: “For over 40 years I’ve worked in gas industry, and I know how it is important to expand the resource base. In 2001 I witnessed how the works on development of Amangeldy fields were conducted. I remember that in those years Kairat Sharipbayev and a number of other well-known gas workers made a significant contribution to the opening and development of this field. And then 15 years later, being in a leading position in gas industry, he continues to be actively engaged in Amangeldy field and to expand the resource base of the National operator, thereby enhancing energy security of Independent Kazakhstan”.