OREANDA-NEWS Against the backdrop of rising global energy prices, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented a plan aimed at improving the country's energy security, the Circular media reports. The British energy security strategy provides for the expansion of the use of nuclear energy. According to Johnson, the country will commission one new nuclear reactor per year, and not per decade, as previously planned.

«We are developing bold plans to expand the production of affordable, clean and safe energy produced in the UK and for Britain — from nuclear energy to offshore wind energy», he said.

The UK will fight the rise in global energy prices, not only by developing nuclear and green energy, but also by supporting oil and gas production offshore the North Sea. Business and Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said that Britain needs to protect itself from price spikes in the future by accelerating the transition to cleaner and cheaper energy, which is produced in the United Kingdom.

In Britain, an «unprecedented» increase in food and electricity prices was previously recorded. According to the National Statistical Service of the United Kingdom, this is primarily due to an increase in the cost of energy resources, which disrupted the supply chain of goods in the country, increased food costs, and the unemployment rate jumped. Statistics are published on the official website of the organization.