OREANDA-NEWS  AliExpress marketplace is thinking about a complete refusal to lease warehouse space in the PLT Chekhov logistics complex near Moscow, Vedomosti writes with reference to sources.

Initially, the company rented 55 thousand square meters there, but by now it has vacated some of the space, and sublets the remaining premises. According to sources, about 30 thousand square meters were removed from her by the manufacturer of welding equipment "Resanta". One of the consultants who worked with the facility admits that the company will still retain 5-10 thousand square meters.

The logopark in Chekhov is the last large warehouse that AliExpress rents in Russia. At the beginning of 2022, the marketplace planned to rent the areas of the Obukhovo logopark in the east of the Moscow region, but subsequently abandoned them, and they were rented by Ozon.

Experts explain that the warehouse in Chekhov was removed by the marketplace to develop the direction of local sales, but later ceased to be needed, since KazanExpress is now responsible for local business (57 percent of it belongs to AliExpress).

In addition, the online retailer could optimize the area in connection with the revision of its development plans. Previously, many marketplaces rented warehouses, hoping for possible business growth, but they had to adjust their forecasts. In particular, in 2022, Russian sellers on AliExpress earned half as much as a year earlier (about 57 billion rubles), according to Data Insight. In the fourth quarter of the year, sales completely collapsed by more than 4 times.

Earlier, the First OFD reported that in January, Russians reduced their spending on products and services by 12 percent compared to the same month last year. Compared to December 2022, expenses fell by 16 percent, the number of purchases also decreased significantly — by 13 percent. Spending on electronics decreased the most (by 20 percent), as well as on children's goods, kitchen utensils, products for sports and creativity, furniture, workwear, stationery and tobacco products.