OREANDA-NEWS  In January and February 2023, Coca-Cola accounted for 14.1 percent of all soda-flavored soda sales in Russia. According to this indicator, the company still remains one of the leaders, although it has suspended work on the Russian market and now its products are only imported. About this with reference to the data of the service "Sales.RF" writes RBC.

Compared to the same period last year, the popularity of the original Coca-Cola has more than tripled. And most often Russians chose the drink "Good Cola", which is produced at the factories of Multon Partners, formerly owned by Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

The top three are closed by drinks under the brand "Chernogolovka" (13.9 percent). PepsiCo Cola has a 3.7 percent share, which allows it to occupy the sixth place. Ahead of it are FreshBar (7 percent) and Cool Cola (6.8 percent).

A year ago, two world flagships occupied a dominant position in the market — 47.8 and 44.4 percent of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, respectively.

The statistics of "Sales.RF" (the service works in partnership with the operator of fiscal data "First OFD") includes retail outlets, supermarkets, minimarkets, convenience stores, gas stations and other points where soda is sold, with the exception of the two largest Russian retailers — X5 Group and Magnit.

Meanwhile, Evotor, the operator of fiscal data, calculated that Coca-Cola remains the leader among all sugary carbonated drinks in non-chain retail. In monetary terms, it accounts for 32 percent of sales, and PepsiCo drinks account for 9 percent. Between them are the drinks "Good Cola" and "Chernogolovka".