OREANDA-NEWS  Russians were warned about fraud in real estate transactions in the capital's Rosreestr Department. The department told about the ways to protect property rights during electronic transactions.

"Fraudsters often try under various pretexts to get hold of an electronic signature to commit an illegal real estate transaction on behalf of the owner. But in order to register property rights in electronic form using an enhanced qualified electronic signature (UKEP), the owner must write a statement of consent to commit such actions," said Igor Maidanov, head of the Rosreestr Department for Moscow.

The procedure for making an entry in the EGRN about the possibility of conducting transactions in electronic form provides for an appeal to the public services center "My Documents", where specialists will consult, provide an appropriate form and accept an application of the prescribed form, the department explained.

In the absence of the Rosreestr written consent of the owner for online registration of real estate transactions, any request for such will be rejected. If the written consent has been transferred, the agency will notify the owner of the procedure being performed at the postal and e-mail addresses specified in the EGRN.

In 2022, the owners had the opportunity to issue an application for a ban on transactions without their participation on the Unified Portal of state and Municipal Services. Using the Gosklyuch mobile application, you can get a UKEP certificate for processing documents on a smartphone for free, the Rosreestr said.