OREANDA-NEWS. Eco points, where residents of St. Petersburg can bring hazardous waste for recycling, began to appear in the city. This project implies the emergence of such collection points in all areas.

According to the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "St. Petersburg", plastic parts would decompose for decades at the test site. In a crushed form, they will be suitable for creating new products. Materials are extracted from old microcircuits that will be useful.

"All hazardous waste must either be recycled or, accordingly, neutralized. Only in exceptional cases, after the materials have been disassembled into various fractions that do not pose a hazard, the waste can be buried," said the deputy chairman of the Committee for Nature Management, Protection environment and environmental safety of St. Petersburg Mikhail Strakhov.

Hundreds of tons of hazardous waste are collected in the northern capital every year, two thirds of which can be recycled. Mercury is a hot commodity. Over the past year, 150 kilograms of liquid metal have been collected.

The city already has 500 eco-terminals where old batteries and mercury thermometers can be returned. Also within the city there are 7 eco-vehicles that also collect hazardous waste for recycling.