OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian authorities may introduce food stamps due to rising food prices. This was reported by Vesti.ua citing presidential economic adviser Oleh Ustenko.

In his opinion, in the current circumstances, a reduction or cancellation of VAT on products may cause additional budget spending on tax administration and harm competition between producers and sellers.

Thus, the option of introducing ration cards seems to be the most acceptable, the economist said.

"Options will be considered. These could be additional payments to compensate for price increases, and the introduction of so-called grocery receipts, as practiced in the US,"- Ustenko explained.

At the end of December, Ukrainian producers of bread, butter, dairy products, poultry and eggs said that skyrocketing gas prices could lead to a collapse of their industries and food shortages in the country.

According to the Ukrainian State Statistics Service, last year inflation in the consumer market reached 9.4 per cent, with food prices up 10.6 per cent and the prices of alcohol and cigarettes 9.8 per cent. Tariffs for communal services also went up significantly, with gas prices by 73.5 per cent, electricity by 34.8 per cent, sewerage by 20.1 per cent, and hot water and heating by 10.6 per cent.