World: articles for 05.02.2024

05.02.2024, 10:09
A coalition led by the United States and Britain has launched airstrikes against Houthi targets in Yemen, Arab media reported.
05.02.2024, 10:05
India plans to send a human spacecraft into space in 2025
05.02.2024, 09:51
An important block is dealing with public debt and ensuring macroeconomic and financial balance. The Russian Federation is meeting the Belarusian economy halfway
05.02.2024, 09:45
The Dutch Yandex N.V. has concluded a deal to sell the Russian business of Yandex for 475 billion rubles to a consortium of private investors, the company said.
05.02.2024, 08:36
It is inappropriate for Russia to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO), according to Mikhail Murashko
05.02.2024, 08:30
In the near future, Russians will be able to see a decrease in prices for a number of goods. Analyst Daniil Kashin told about this in a conversation with Vechernaya Moskva.
05.02.2024, 08:20
The European Union (EU) intends to adopt a new package of sanctions against Russia closer to February 24 of this year

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