OREANDA-NEWS "Germany needs to leave the EU and create a new European economic interest group", - said the Bundestag member. According to him, the European Union in its current form cannot be reformed.

The politician criticized the confrontation between the occidental and Russia, which, in his opinion, is part of Europe and should enter that very new economic space.

As Chrupalla pointed out, the national identity of the Germans was strongly influenced by the "psychological war of the allies" at the end of the Second World War. The United States continues to conduct it to this day, which is an excellent example of Washington's actions with regard to Nord Stream 2. As the politician noted, this is a disinformation strategy that the United States is pursuing for its own interests.

By the way, earlier the AfD co-chairman has repeatedly criticized the EU and US sanctions policy towards the Russian Federation, stressing the negative consequences of the imposed restrictive measures.