OREANDA-NEWS  The share of Russia in the Czech Republic's oil imports increased in 2023 from 56 to 65 percent, writes Ekonomický deník.

"The Czech Republic has managed to almost completely get rid of dependence on gas from Russia. According to the Czech State Administration, the republic now buys more than 80 percent of gas from Norway, while Russia accounts for less than 10 percent of imports. However, there is a reverse trend in the situation with oil — the share of crude oil from Russia increased from 56 to 65 percent in the first four months of this year," the report says.

As the newspaper notes, the cost of fuel imported to the republic this year is noticeably lower compared to last year. It is emphasized that in the first four months, the Czech Republic purchased eight percent more oil than in the same period a year ago, totaling 2.31 million tons. However, it paid suppliers 18.6 percent less, namely 24.8 billion crowns (about 1.12 billion dollars). The cost of gas imports from January to April decreased by 48 percent year—on-year to 29.7 billion kronor (about 1.35 billion dollars).

The article clarifies that oil imports from the United States have disappeared from statistical indicators, although in previous years they were at a fairly significant level, for example, in 2021 they amounted to more than one tenth. This year Czech refineries receive raw materials only from three countries — Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

The Czech Republic, as a landlocked country and historically associated with the Druzhba oil pipeline coming from Russia, has applied to the European Union for an exception to the ban on the import of Russian oil through this pipeline. The EU granted Prague such an exception.