OREANDA-NEWS Rubik's Cube 3x3x3 was developed by a team of chemists from the USA and China. The meaning of the game remains the same, but the toy itself deserves attention. To create it, scientists used a sticky, self-healing hydrogel. Thanks to this material, small cubes stick to each other within an hour, so after the game the cube can be folded into the initial form without any problems. 

The whole structure hardens 24 hours after the hydrogel material forms new chemical bonds. According to scientists, the toy can be used to store information, given that it can form up to 43 quintillion configurations. (Quintillion is a natural number, a unit with 18 zeros). 

But creating a soft toy for storing data is not the ultimate goal of scientists. Ultimately, they want to develop a technology for creating tiles from soft materials that can display medical information when applied to the skin. The material can be used in wearable color-changing sensors when, for example, they detect abnormally high or low blood sugar in patients with diabetes.