OREANDA-NEWS The share of foreign currency deposits of individuals in Russian banks dropped to 14.4% by early May. This was the lowest value since January 2015. Information about this follows from the materials of the Bank of Russia, according to Gazeta.ru.

According to the regulator, foreign currency deposits of the population in April decreased by 2.9 percentage points. In March, the decrease was another 2 percentage points.

In addition, in April and March, the share of foreign currency deposits of companies decreased sharply. In March, the decline was 2.6 percentage points. In April, another 1.6 percentage points, down to 28.8%. This was also the lowest value since the beginning of 2015. The day before, the press service of the Bank of Russia reported that the country's international reserves increased over the week by 1.1%, or $6.2 billion, amounting to $589.6 billion as of May 27.

As of May 20, Russia's international reserves stood at $583.4bn, which is the combined value of money in foreign currency, special drawing rights, reserve position in the International Monetary Fund, and monetary gold.