OREANDA-NEWS The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia has frozen cooperation with Norway in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, TASS reported, Gazeta.ru reported. According to the ministry, the reason was "the unfriendly line of the kingdom."

In March this year the Norwegian Cabinet decided to suspend scientific cooperation with Russia, and this week Norway suspended financing of projects with Russia in the field of nuclear safety. Meanwhile, Per Strand, head of the Norwegian Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority, said that the country needs to continue working with Moscow "on monitoring, inter-state dialogue and mutual information in case of radiation incidents".

Earlier President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev said that due to the negative attitude formed in the West towards any contacts with Moscow the Russian Academy of Sciences experiences difficulties in establishment of international scientific cooperation. Although China has not imposed sanctions, the Chinese scientific community has decided to refuse to cooperate with its Russian colleagues.