OREANDA-NEWS The Belarusian Defense Ministry predicts that Western pressure on Russia and Belarus will intensify, according to a report from the press service of the country's Defense Ministry, Gazeta.ru reported.

It says this is due to the continuing crisis situation in the region of Eastern Europe, which will continue to develop. Earlier, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said the country was coping with sanctions, which the West imposed to put pressure on the country.

Prior to that, Lukashenko warned about the "unprecedented pressure" of the West, threatening the country. According to him, the level of military threats to Belarus "will increase in the future. In particular, the pressure will be exerted through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, as well as NATO troops, which are stationed there.

It was reported that Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko compared sanctions, which the West imposes on the republic, to the genocide. According to him, they are trying to "crush the Belarusian state economically," as well as "break existing trade relations, obstruct international financial transactions and break industrial cooperation schemes.