OREANDA-NEWS Attempts by the United States to isolate Russia because of the special operation in Ukraine have failed, and rallying the world against Moscow has proven to be a myth. This is according to an article by Dr. William Moloney, a scholar in conservative thought at Colorado Christian University's Centennial Institute, in The Hill newspaper.

According to him, the idea that crippling U.S. and EU sanctions would "bring the Russian economy to its knees" has not materialized.

According to him, it's now a myth that the United States has rallied nearly the entire world against Russia, since only 65 of 195 countries have agreed to join the U.S. sanctions against Russia. At the same time, 130 countries refused, including China, India, Brazil, Mexico and others, i.e. those states that together make up the vast majority of the population of the planet.

The author of the article stressed that if earlier it was common in the West to declare the necessity of Ukraine's victory, now the US and its allies are trying to find an acceptable way to end the conflict.

Earlier, Liu Zhiqin, a researcher at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of the People's University of China, pointed to the risks of Russia and China leaving the global market.