OREANDA-NEWS Political expert Corneliu Ciurea said that Dodon's words that Moldova can join NATO are one of the types of political pressure. The political scientist believes that while under house arrest, Dodon is trying to promote his sharp statements to the masses, thereby artificially creating levers of political pressure on the current government. But the expert also noted that there is still a reason to assert the rapprochement of Chisinau and Bucharest, since the Moldovan delegation recently visited Romania. Which may indicate that the countries have begun to look for common ground. Earlier in the day, Dodon announced that Moldova was preparing to join Romania and the North Atlantic Alliance militarily and politically. According to the ex-head of state, the current President Mia Sandu and "her external masters" are following the Ukrainian scenario, provoking deliberate destabilization of the situation.

Some experts believe that all these processes are carried out in order to justify the presence of NATO troops on the territory of Romania.