OREANDA-NEWS Morale at the White House is falling amid a number of unresolved issues and staff turnover is increasing, according to a Politico report, Gazeta.ru said.

According to the newspaper, U.S. President Joe Biden is irritated by a significant drop in his approval rating. He and his aides, according to the newspaper, are increasingly dissatisfied with the inability to turn the tide in light of a number of challenges that "threaten to overwhelm the administration.

The publication specified that these include rising global inflation, rising fuel costs, Russian special operations in Ukraine, the potential return of a new coronavirus pandemic, and the inability of Congress to act to tighten gun control in the country.

As crisis follows crisis after crisis, the Washington administration is rendered helpless or limited in its ability to deal with those forces that influence it, the publication said.

According to the article, the situation for the White House is complicated by the "exodus of employees" in charge of media and public relations.