OREANDA-NEWS  The transit of Ukrainian grain through Romania can be increased thanks to new decisions taken at the grain conference in Constanta, Romanian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Sorin Grindanu said.

On Friday, a meeting on the export of grain and oilseeds on the Black Sea was held in Constanta. The discussion was attended by representatives of Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, partners from the EU and the USA. Romania was represented by the head of the Ministry of Transport Sorin Grindeanu.

"In August, more than 2.5 million tons of grain passed through Romania. The level we want to reach in the coming months is 4 million tons, and it is possible. We have made decisions that will improve and increase the transit of grain through Romania. The first will be the implementation of the European shipping project on Sulina 24 hours a day, which will be completed this autumn, this will automatically lead to an increase in this transit. Secondly, we have managed to increase the number of pilots for transit. The Ministry of National Defense helped with 10 more pilots to the 54 that we already have," Grindeanu said at a press conference following the meeting.

The Minister also said that a number of decisions will be made regarding the port of Constanta related to the transshipment of grain from one vessel to another, thanks to which the port's capacity will increase by 500 thousand tons. Grindeanu noted that a new meeting will be held in a month or two, during which the results of the decisions taken in Constanta will be analyzed.