OREANDA-NEWS  Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili, in an address to the protesters in Tbilisi, expressed support for the protest against the law on foreign agents. She said she would veto it.

"I am addressing you, standing this evening on Rustaveli, where I have stood more than once. Today I'm standing in New York, and behind me is the Statue of Liberty. This is a symbol of what Georgia has always fought for, for which we have come to this day. I am with you because today you represent free Georgia," Salome Zurabishvili said in a video message posted on Facebook (owned by the banned in Russia and extremist Meta).

Ms. Zurabishvili added that "no one needs the law" and "it was written at the dictation of Moscow." "This law is invalid, I will veto it," she added.

A protest action against the adoption of the law on foreign agents, which is called an analogue of the Russian law, is taking place in front of the Georgian Parliament building on Rustaveli Square in Tbilisi this morning, March 7. Its adoption is supported by the ruling Georgian Dream party, which has a majority in parliament. In the evening, the document was adopted in the first reading.