OREANDA-NEWS. You can buy cryptocurrency through an intermediary, while it is not legalized in Russia, Arseniy Poyarkov, a member of the State Duma’s expert council on digital economy and blockchain technologies, told ABN. A Russian, as an individual, cannot buy cryptocurrency, as well as pay something for it, the specialist explained.

An individual cannot legally buy cryptocurrency or make a payment with it. Therefore, the entire system of buying and selling in the cryptocurrency market is in the so-called gray zone. There is a transfer of a set amount in rubles, for which inside the blockchain, let's say bitcoin, receives the amount in bitcoins. Legally, these operations are not connected in any way,” Poyarkov said.

Earlier it was reported that after the imposition of sanctions by the West and the restriction by the Central Bank on the turnover of the dollar and the euro, many Russians switched to cryptocurrency to transfer money abroad. Today it is possible to use p2p-platforms, through which funds are transferred between individuals.

It also became known that the American crypto exchange Coinbase blocked more than 25 thousand wallets, which are believed to be associated with Russian citizens. The trading platform explained its steps by the action of sanctions.