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12.02.2024, 15:31
A test vote in the DEG system before the presidential elections of Russia will be held in Moscow in early March, and options for a test vote can be sent by February 20
12.02.2024, 10:27
The government of the Sakhalin Region promises to help the Ostrovnaya poultry farm, where a massive bird death occurred and avian influenza was detected. 
12.02.2024, 10:01
The FSB reported on the closure of the precious metals smuggling channel, more than 5 tons of raw materials were seized.
12.02.2024, 09:55
The Russian government wanted to tighten control over the accrual of customs duties when importing cars through the EAEU countries.
12.02.2024, 09:25
In Yakutsk, sewage collectors regularly drain liquid waste near the school. The head of the city, Yevgeny Grigoriev, drew attention to the situation, writes the Echo of the Capital newspaper.
12.02.2024, 09:19
Last year, the G20 countries increased their gold reserves by a total of 213 tons, of which about 16 tons fell on Russia, according to RIA Novosti calculations according to national central banks.
12.02.2024, 08:22
The European Union's refusal to supply energy resources from Russia has led to stagnation of the European economy, inflation and dependence on LNG from the United States.

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