OREANDA-NEWS  Japan will impose a ban on the export of a number of goods that can "strengthen the industrial base of the Russian Federation," the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan reported.

"Measures will be introduced to ban the export of goods that can contribute to strengthening the industrial base of the Russian Federation. Details of the measures will be announced later," the ministry said in a statement.

Earlier on Tuesday, Japan imposed asset freezes against 48 people, including 9 people from new regions of the Russian Federation, 73 companies and Rosbank. Exports were also banned against 21 companies, the list included the Wagner Group. In total, since the beginning of the sanctions, Japan has announced the freezing of assets of 987 people from Russia, including 304 people from the new regions and Crimea, 129 organizations, 12 banks, imposed a ban on exports from Japan against 357 organizations, companies and institutions related to the defense industry. Tokyo also imposed a ban on exports to Russia of semiconductors, equipment for the production of oil, luxury goods (precious stones, expensive alcohol, luxury cars), quantum computers and 3D printers. A ban was imposed on new investments and the provision of some financial services. There was also a ban on the import of gold, machine tools, some types of wood, vodka from Russia.