OREANDA-NEWS  Firstly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can liberate the occupied territories of Donbass, in particular, Donetsk and Horlivka. Secondly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not receive such an order, because military liberation will lead to tens of thousands of victims.

It is hard to agree with Danilov's first statement: if Russian troops do not intervene. And they are likely to intervene, which was already in the campaigns near Ilovaisk, Lugansk and Debaltseve. Therefore, proposals for the forceful de-occupation of Donbass can only come from inadequate people or conscious liars and provocateurs.

Ultimately, Danilov rhetorically asked who would take responsibility for the tens of thousands of victims in the military liberation of cities?

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Joint Forces Command Vitaly Sarantsev in the morning report for June 17 and the first seven o'clock on 18 June spoke about our combat losses in Donbass: yesterday one of our defenders was wounded by a bullet.

He was promptly given first aid and was hospitalized in a moderate severity condition.