OREANDA-NEWS  To draw conclusions about the Geneva summit on the basis of possible future sanctions of  the USA is a "primitive position", interstate relations require a more balanced and serious assessment, said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov.

Earlier, the US President's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the United States is preparing a "new package of sanctions" because of the situation with Alexei Navalny. In addition, according to him, the United States will continue to impose sanctions against Russian companies building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

When he was asked by journalists whether the Kremlin would draw conclusions about the "failure" of the Geneva summit after the possible adoption of certain sanctions by the United States in the future, Peskov replied: "This is a very primitive position. Interstate relations, especially relations going through such a difficult period , and between the two largest states of the world, of course, they are much more multifaceted, complex and contradictory. Therefore, a more balanced and serious assessment is still needed here".

The first meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden took place on June 16 in Geneva, negotiations lasted 4.5 hours, including a break. As a result, Putin said that he had agreed with Biden to begin consultations on strategic stability at the interdepartmental level. According to him, both countries are aware of their special responsibility for strategic stability in the world.