OREANDA-NEWS Moscow Mayor’s Office refused to coordinate the rally on August 3 for admitting independent candidates to the Moscow City Duma elections in places proposed by the organizers. Those, in turn, refused to hold a coordinated action on Sakharov Avenue. This was announced by one of the leaders of the Libertarian Party, Mikhail Svetov. After negotiations, he was detained. 

The initiators of the event were warned that “in accordance with the current legislation” they cannot conduct it, the first deputy head of the Moscow Regional Security Department Vasily Oleinik told Interfax. He noted that in the event of a rally the organizers and participants will face responsibility. 

The Moscow Mayor's Office on July 29 agreed on a rally in support of independent candidates to the Moscow City Duma on Sakharov Avenue. Mikhail Svetov, who submitted the application, said that it spoke about Lubyanka.