OREANDA-NEWS  He noted that the meeting may not happen if Putin "does not want to end anything".

“Anyway, let's hope that in the immediate future we will receive dates, schedules and deadlines. Can the meeting with the US President accelerate our meeting? A meeting happens if both sides want it. Anyway, I guess that the meeting of the presidents cannot accelerate my meeting with the Russian President. As for my meeting with the US leader, I received a rather specific invitation. There are no dates yet, but at the end of July we will have a meeting, an official visit to the United States ", Zelensky said.

Earlier, Putin endorsed his willingness for a meeting, but so far this is being delayed by the Russian side, the president said.

"Today, I have no idea about the reasons why they are too putting away for later. But setting aside will not resolve the issue. They raise the issue of some Russian issues. Even in the media they discuss my figure - this is not importany at all  ... I have such viewpoint here: if you want respect for the Russian language, respect Ukrainian", the Ukraine's President said.