OREANDA-NEWS  Russian Ambassador to South Africa Ilya Rogachev presented a 100 BRICS banknote at a meeting with UAE Ambassador Mahesh Saeed Al Hameli in Pretoria, the Iranian Irna news agency reports.

Rogachev handed over this banknote to a colleague on the occasion of the admission of the Middle Eastern state to the union. It is noted that the bill was printed in Russia. On one side of the banknote are the flags of the five BRICS countries, on the other — the symbols of the countries that are to enter the bloc.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Mikhail Delyagin expressed the opinion that in 2025 the United States will lose its dominant economic position. He also said that the creation of a single BRICS currency could accelerate the collapse of the dollar.

Senior banker of VEB.The Russian Federation and former Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak, in turn, called the project of creating a single currency of unification a utopia. He believes that currently the participating countries need to focus on establishing settlement processes in national currencies among themselves.