OREANDA-NEWS. The accusations of American intelligence against Russia's interfering in the US presidential elections are absolutely groundless. This position was announced at the embassy in Washington.

In a report from the intelligence community that was revealed on Tuesday, Russia is accused of allegedly trying to prevent Joe Biden's victory and help Donald Trump's re-election, as well as "sow discord" in American society. In addition, some other countries such as Iran, Hezbollah and Cuba were named among those who allegedly tried to influence the elections. The document also announced the introduction of new restrictions against Russia.

In response to these allegations, a statement from the Russian embassy on Facebook said: "The paper prepared by the US intelligence community is another set of baseless allegations against our country of interfering in American internal political processes."

As noted in the diplomatic mission, the conclusions contained in the report that Russia carried out "operations of influence" in the States "are confirmed exclusively by the confidence of the intelligence services in their correctness." The Russian embassy stressed that the United States does not provide any facts or concrete evidence of such claims.

Russian diplomats pointed out that the latest allegations from the US do not help to the improvement of relations between the US and Russia, and do not meet the idea of "equal and mutually respectful expert dialogue launched by Russia to find solutions to the most difficult issues."