OREANDA-NEWS. In the course of post-registration studies of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Vector Scientific Center, no undesirable consequences were revealed in the volunteers.

According to the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus infection, 132 volunteers over 60 years old and 2,099 volunteers received two doses of the EpiVacCorona vaccine as part of a post-registration study. Everybody underwent vaccination well, without undesirable manifestations.

At present, 45 thousand 130 doses have been released for vaccination of the population, the vaccine is administered in two doses intramuscularly with an interval of 2-3 weeks.

"EpiVacCorona", developed by the Novosibirsk Scientific Center "Vector" of Rospotrebnadzor, is the second Russian vaccine against COVID-19. She was registered on October 14, 2020. Post-registration studies of the drug began in November.

As the Rospotrebnadzor experts specified, the EpiVacCorona vaccine is distinguished by its absolute safety for volunteers and simple storage and transportation conditions - at temperatures from 2 to 8 degrees.

In the meantime, it is reported that an entry for vaccination against coronavirus for new groups of residents is opening in Moscow.

Today, IT specialists, tourism workers, social workers of private and non-profit organizations will be able to queue up for vaccination against coronavirus.