OREANDA-NEWS. In talks with the US on security guarantees, Moscow would like to test Washington's ability to make responsible decisions at a difficult moment for European security. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"We would like, first of all, to agree with the United States and check whether they are capable of making responsible decisions in the current difficult, if not alarming, moment from the point of view of European security,"- Ryabkov said.

He had earlier noted that Russia was uncomfortable engaging in dialogue with the US, including on security guarantees, as Washington senses the "eyes and ears" of its Russophobe NATO partners behind it.

The first US-Russian meeting on security issues took place on 9 January; it was a preliminary dinner meeting. Ryabkov represented the Russian side and Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman represented the U.S. side. The Russian deputy foreign minister said the conversation was complex and "terrific". "I think we won't waste time tomorrow,"- Ryabkov said after the conversation.

The main part of the discussions will take place on 10 January in a closed format on the premises of the US post office at the UN Office in Geneva. The NATO-Russia Council will meet in Brussels on 12 January, followed by talks between Russian and OSCE representatives in Vienna on 13 January.

In mid-December 2021, Russia forwarded to the U.S. and NATO draft security assurance agreements. The document includes clauses on NATO non-proliferation to the east, non-accession to the alliance by the former Soviet states, and a ban on military activities on the territory of Ukraine.