OREANDA-NEWS. Member of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party, Rada deputy Taras Kozak, who owns the Ukrainian television channel NewsOne, said that the Ukrainian-Russian teleconference will take place on Friday.

 He expressed gratitude to Russian journalists who "do not leave this topic."

 “The share of Russian television in Ukraine is also there, there are satellite dishes, and people are watching, people see the truth, because they wanted to talk without politics,” he said.

 The TV program on the site "Russia 1" indicated that the premiere show "We must talk" will be shown on July 12 at 18:00 Moscow time.

 The description of the show says that the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company invited Russian and Ukrainian participants - those who planned to take part in the TV bridge - to the studio of the Russia 1 TV channel in Moscow.

 On July 7, Russian host Dmitry Kiselev announced plans for the Russia 1 channels and NewsOne to hold a teleconference.  It was supposed that citizens of both countries would take part in the telethon.  The event was to be held on July 12 at 6:00 pm, but already on July 8, NewsOne announced that it was discontinuing preparations for a teleconference because of the threats of reprisals received by journalists and their families.