OREANDA-NEWS. Hollywood actress Sharon Stone was spotted on a date with a young rapper RMR. Apparently, the 63-year-old celebrity is not embarrassed that the hip-hop artist is only 25 years old, reports «Page Six».

The star of «Basic Instinct» is seen with the rapper in various places in Los Angeles not for the first time. Last week, they even appeared together in public places, where they had fun, danced and enjoyed each other's company.

Communication between Stone and RMR is also noticeable in social networks. The stars are subscribed to each other on Instagram. In particular, the actress commented on the publication of the rapper about the tour of the USA and Canada. It is noteworthy that the identity of RMR remains incognito, he appears in public exclusively in a balaclava. The paparazzi have not yet managed to capture him without a «mask».

Sharon Stone is a winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards, and was also a nominee for the Academy Award. She was married three times, but no marriage was crowned with success. In 2000, 2005 and 2006, the star adopted three boys. The actress has no children of her own.