OREANDA-NEWS "This revelation is twice the fun! Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life, the original series, will begin airing on Disney + on July 28," the company said on its Twitter account.

A teaser for the animated series was attached to the text. In it, chipmunks Chip and Dale for some reason live in the park and constantly get into some kind of adventure. Whether the mouse Gadget, the rats Roquefort and the fly Zipper, the characters from the original cartoon, will appear in the frame is still unknown.

The opinion of users on Twitter about the released trailer of the new series was divided. Many criticized the portrayal of the characters, noting that they looked "worse than in the old animated series".

"What's wrong with you Disney? This graphic style is terrible. It's like what people got in communist countries in the 1960s. Art is getting worse. Just look at how Chip and Dale Rush to the Rescue did in 1989!" - said one of the users.

"Well, yes, we have run out of budget, but children from 6 to 10 will really like it," another joined the discussion.

Others called the new series cute and said they were looking forward to its release.