OREANDA-NEWS. At a fashion show in Paris, Google unveiled the first collection of smart haute couture clothing, created in collaboration with French-American fashion designer Clara Dagin. She has been experimenting with the use of light in her outfits for a long time.

This time, sensory threads are also woven into the clothes - with one touch, this allows you to actually change the appearance of the clothes: color, light and pattern. And now this is a technology developed by the Jacquard project in an experimental unit, Google ATAP. And it is headed by Ivan Pupyrev, a native of the Soviet Union.

Interestingly, Google has experimented with casual wear in the past. For example, together with Livas, the company has released a jacket with touch sleeves. From it you could control the navigation application, answer calls or turn on music. Google and Levi's released the first smart jacket back in 2017. The new jeans turned all the ideas about clothing: technology was literally woven into it. She understood human gestures and helped in everyday life, like smart watches and phones. Ivan Pupyrev, a native of Russia, was responsible for the Jacquard project, and the fabric for smart clothes was sewn at an old Japanese factory. It cost $ 300 and was marketed as a jacket for cyclists. There was also a touch-sensitive backpack, but it didn't become a hit either. Now Google has turned its eyes to haute couture and is offering designer grants.