OREANDA-NEWS.The name Matthew McConaughey has long been associated with various Marvel projects. It was rumored that he was being considered for a role in the second “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and that the actor might appear in the cinematic universe in the role of Norman Osborn. 

However, at the moment there are rumors that the actor can be recommended for the role of the main villain in the following films of the universe. McConaughey may appear in "Captain Marvel 2" or "Thor 4" as a villain. Most likely, in the role of the main antagonist, taking into account his previous projects. 

Marvel Studio is not in a hurry to report on future plans. The final film of the third phase of the Universe, "Spider-Man: Far from Home", was released. The future projects are unknown. 

Earlier it was reported that the head of the studio, Kevin Faigy, does not lose hope of attracting Keanu Reeves to the cinema universe.