OREANDA-NEWS.Quentin Tarantino said in an interview with GQ Australia that he would probably quit directing and told what he would do when he finished filmmakind.

The director  announced that his new, ninth in a row picture of "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" with Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio could be the last. Previously, Tarantino has repeatedly said that he would stop making films after the tenth film.

"If the film is well received, then I will not shoot the tenth. Maybe I’ll stop right now! Maybe I’ll stop while I'm at the peak. We'll see!" - shared the director.

Tarantino said that he had "reached the end of the road" with the filming of films and shared his further plans: "I will write books about the cinema and start writing for the theater, so I will continue to create. I just think I’ve already given the movies all I could."

"Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood"  will be released in Russia on August 8. The world premiere of the film took place on 21 May.