OREANDA-NEWS  The find dates back to the end of the 13th century (1280-1290). During this period, the young poet studied with the Florentine scientist and philosopher Brunetto Latini, who was not only a teacher for Dante, but also an older like-minded friend. After the death of his father, he became the guardian of the future poet.

It was here, in Florence, that Dante wrote an essay what Holloway called "school". Nevertheless, according to her, already in this small handwritten work there are signs of a future genius. The nun asserts this with knowledge of the matter, since before the tonsure she studied medieval art, in particular literature. She also gave topical lectures at Princeton University (New Jersey).

Holloway explained that the essay was written in the ideal Tuscan dialect - the forefather of the modern Italian language. In addition, it contains a lot of ideas that appeared later in the immortal "Divine Comedy". Specifically, the ethical governance thesis.

The former researcher is sure that the essay was inscribed by Dante's hand. At the same time, she refers to the description of the poet's handwriting by Renaissance scholars Leonardo Bruni, who had seen him more than once. “He described the handwriting as the one I found”, - the nun makes an argument that she considers quite convincing.