OREANDA-NEWS  The Georgian city of Batumi is no longer listed in the list of stops on the routes of the Astoria Grand cruise liner, according to data on the official website of the general agency for the sale of cruises.

Official confirmation from the organizers and the ticket sales office has not yet been received. It is also unknown whether the reason for this is the rallies of Georgian oppositionists who protest against the arrival of the liner with Russian tourists in Batumi. Georgian TV companies report that, according to previous route data, stops in Batumi during cruises from Sochi to Turkey were planned every two weeks. Last week, the Georgian opposition, dissatisfied with the arrival of the Astoria Grande in Batumi with Russians on board, staged a protest near the port.

The opposition considered this a circumvention of international sanctions, although the authorities said that the vessel, which sails under the flag of Palau, is not subject to sanctions. One of the Russian tourists of the liner told RIA Novosti earlier that the passengers of the Astoria Grande responded to the protesting opposition with a friendly performance of the song "Katyusha".