OREANDA-NEWS. Codeine-containing painkillers can be dangerous to health. That's what pharmacist Giulia Guerrini told the Daily Express in the UK.

According to her, such drugs should not be taken longer than three days and only if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, especially without a doctor's supervision, liver, kidney and pancreatic problems may develop.

Another danger of codeine is addiction. Addiction to such drugs can lead to mental health problems.

In June, Alexander Kholodov, Vice Chair of the Committee for the Protection of Automobile Owners' Rights, a member of the "Freedom of Choice" motorists movement, warned that when taking medication, one should first study the instructions for use of the drug. Many medications have written on them that it is not recommended to drive vehicles while taking them. "There are drugs that contain, for example, codeine, in drug tests it will show the same as heroin. Now in many drugs they get rid of it, change the formula, but if there are piles of old drugs or it is still present in some, in any case, it is worth paying attention,"- he said.

Earlier Marat Sarayev, candidate of medical sciences and psychiatrist-narcologist, said that there were medications which could directly affect the person and cause stupefaction. According to the expert, such drugs include opioid analgesics, including morphine and codeine. These drugs are prescribed by a doctor, but some patients take them without prescription. In order to prove the prescription if necessary, a citizen must have a doctor's certificate with stamps and signatures and a prescription.